About Optical Analysis

In recent “Optical Analysis”, it is not sufficient to simply perform operations using optical software and express phenomena and numerical values. Because it only represents an ideal phenomenon and is not a final “Answer” that takes into consideration the capabilities of devices and optical systems.
Therefore, “Optical Analysis” needs to understand the customer’s device and optical system, and to carry out analysis that suits the situation they desire.
In order to do so, it is essential to select an engineer who can understand the contents and the optical software that is suitable for the analysis.

We work on cutting-edge technologies and work with customers to find answers in the field of optics.

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◆ Business content
・ Implementation of various “Optical Analysis” (illumination system, imaging system, waveguide system, nano structure)
・ Optical consultant (discussion, problem solution, commentary)
・ Design, development and trial manufacture of optical devices, parts and lenses
・ Sale of optical software